Sebastian Diaz

Sebastian Diaz is a New York based filmmaker and curator originally from Mexico. He was a fellow at UnionDocs Collaborative Studio, Brooklyn 2013, where he directed ‘Toñita’s’ (MoMA Documentary Fortnight 2014). He co-directed 'Brilliant Soil' (Material Culture & Archeology Film Prize at 13th RAI International Fest of Ethnographic Film, Edinburgh 2011). Sebastian photographed and edited the documentary 'Tijuaneados Anonymous' (Ambulante Festival 2010; Best local film at San Diego Latino Film Festival). He co-founded 'Bulbo Art Collective', which produced a documentary series broadcast in US and Mexico about Tijuana-San Diego border culture (Univision & Channel 22). His work has been exhibited at MoMA (NY), ARCO (Madrid), The MAK Museum (Vienna), InSite_05 (Tijuana-San Diego), among others. He is currently working on the feature documentary 'Juncos, Brooklyn' and curates Mexican films in different venues in New York with his 'Proyector' film series.

Corporate Editor Reel

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Short documentary trailer

Sebastian Diaz Director, Editor, Sound Recording
Beyza Boyacioglu Director, Cinematographer, Editor

TOÑITA’S is a documentary portrait of the Nuyorican community and culture in Brooklyn, New York, through the last remaining Puerto Rican social club in South Williamsburg, its owner Maria Toñita and its colorful regulars.

Brilliant Soil

Feature documentary trailer

Sebastian Diaz co-director, editor, colorist.
Jose Luis Figueroa, co-director.

By custom, thousands of artisans in Mexico still use lead based glazes in their pottery without knowing the damage that this toxic element causes to their health.
Herlinda, an indigenous Purepecha potter, is one of the few artisans in her community who uses alternative lead-free glazes. Having achieved safer and healthier living conditions for her family, she faces the difficult task of finding a market for her impressive pieces.
But this does not dull her dreams of having her shop thrive and her brothers return from the United States to rejoin the family tradition.
An unexpected trip could crystallize this dream.

Tijuaneados Anonymous

Feature length documentary trailer

Sebastián Díaz Cinematrographer, Editor, Colorist
Paola Rodriguez & José Luis Figueroa Directors

The border city of Tijuana, México is experiencing a crisis of unprecedented violence and ungovernability, this situation affects the daily lives of its inhabitants. Every week, a group of people get together in Tijuaneados Anonymous to share experiences and discuss solutions to the erosive phenomenon that affects them: the tijuaneado. With painful or playful stories, absurd human tragedies, and heroic deeds, the characters reflect on the city, imagining how they want Tijuana to be and how they want to be as individuals.

Kumeyaay Land

Feature documentary excerpt

Sebastián Díaz Editor, Co-producer
Dylan Verrechia Director, Producer, Director of Photography

KUMEYAAY LAND is a documentary project developed with the community of San José de la Zorra about their struggle to keep their territory.

Collective work with: Fausto Diaz Carillo, Fausto Güero Diaz Ojeda, Valeria Diaz Ojeda, Eva Carillo, Luna Ixchel Zamudio, Aurelia Ojeda, Arcelia Ojeda, Raquel Herrera, Filiberto Gonzalez, Nikola Chapelle, Adrien Latapie.