Isha, a Tel All Tale

Armando Croda

Isha, a Tell All Tale

Meenakshi Thirukode, director.
Armando Croda, cinematographer, editor.

“Isha, A Tell All Tale” is the story of a young South Asian woman’s dramatic journey through the treacherous shoals of the New York art world. Written by Meenakshi Thirukode, the story follows the strict narrative style of Indian soap operas, or “serials” while developing at the same time, parallel meta- narratives that questions our perceptions of ‘reality’. The story will be told through myriad platforms that combine dream like fantasies with live performance, breaking the fragile boundries that seperate our “worlds” in this new digital universe. It also sees the debut of Em Tee who plays the role of Isha – the main protagonist who is loosely based on Ms. Thirukode’s own experiences as a writer and curator working in New York.