Proyector presents DEATH IN ARIZONA July 15 at UnionDocs

Death in Arizona is a futuristic documentary of lost love and a tale of a dying civilization. It is an autobiographical portrayal of a filmmaker who returns to his lost love’s empty apartment in pursuit of answers. The changing life outside as seen through the windows confront the man and […]

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Xenia Rubinos: Live Lowrider Session

Music: “Just Like I” by Xenia Rubinos Directed by Armando Croda, Alejandro Mejia Produced by Mu Media, Jaba Jaba Music Live Sound Recording: Lindsey Cordero Live Sound Engineering: Marco Buccelli Editing: Armando Croda DP, Color Correction: Alejandro Mejia Movi Operator: Axel Rodil Camera Assistant: Eduardo Valderrama Styling: Jordan Galloway Special […]

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Every Block
Why Two Men Are Walking Every Block in New York City

New York City has over 6,000 miles of streets across five boroughs. William Helmreich and Matt Green plan to walk every last block. Though they are doing the same thing, Helmreich and Green have vastly different approaches and reasons for embarking on the journey. In this video, the two men […]

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Chicano Ink
Chicano Ink

Mini Doc Lindsey Cordero, co-director and sound Armando Croda, co-director and editor j. Xavier Velasco, cinematographer Link to Fusion TV Description House of Ink is a tattoo shop located in Mount Vernon, NY that is run by Mexicans. It’s not just another tattoo shop – it’s a home, a hangout […]

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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Straight Business

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Straight Business from Armando Croda on Vimeo. J. Xavier Velasco, director, producer, editor. Armando Croda, director, producer, editor. Music by Hypnotic Brass Ensamble.

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Music is my Mother Language
Armando Croda

YA ME VOY 2016

Ya me voy – I’m leaving now
Armando Croda and Lindsey Cordero


Armando Croda and Lindsey Cordero


Armando Croda and Lindsey Cordero


Queens of Queens
Beth Miranda Botshon